Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Love Liquor - Premiere


Wait... that's not right. I Love Liquor? Hmm, that seems to be what the show's about right? I Love Liquor, starring Daisy?

Oh wait. I'm being informed that it's called Daisy of Love.
My bad. I was mistaken.

Anyway, she's so cute. Sooooooo dumb, but so cute.

Personally, I would have eliminated all of these guys the first night.
...except for 12 pack, I still have a bit of a crush on him from I Love New York a few years ago.

I like Brooklyn. He looks kinda like the white version of Travis McCoy (of Gym Class Heroes fame,) and he's the closest thing to attractive on this show. London's not bad, if he'd have different hair. Same with Flipper. Minus the crazy. He actually kinda reminds me of a little kid trying to get her attention.
Fox... is skeevy. Professor is a grade-A hottie. I'd tap it a few times. Flex... reminds me of Matsuflex, actually. He's still hot though. Big Rig... is livable.
This is not a house full of attractive men. ...or functional men, for that matter.

I support 12 Pack. He's a player though... but as Daisy says, she's a player too, so she's got her guard up.

We'll have to see how this trainwreck goes. It's gonna be... interesting.



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