Sunday, April 26, 2009

Charm School with Ricki Lake


Yes. Yes? Yes.

Let's talk about the cast, can we?

From Rock of Love Bus we have some real Goddamn winners:

We have Ashely and Farah. Because that's what America needed, the two of them in the same room again.
We have poor Beverly, whom I liked so much, I hope she does well.
But then again, with Marcia, Brittanya, and Sock-Stealer around, it's not like she has stiff competition.

Then again, it's not fair to ignore the crazy hoes from Real Chance of Love:
Bay Bay Bay, Ki Ki, and K.O. are back. What silly names.
I'm most excited about College Graduate Bubbles. As a psychology student, she knows that he needs some "positive reinforcement."
Guys I'm being sarcastic. She's an idiot.

All hosted by Ricki Lake.
I am SO excited.

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