Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tough Love - Week Seven


Sorry guys. We suck.

See, there's this thing called Thesis.
Term Papers, projects, lab, and dance performance.

Long story short, we're exhausted.

Not too exhausted to keep up on Tough Love though.

Let's Recap.
We loved Jessa. Then she became a huge bitch. We don't love Jessa anymore.
Abiola was, is, and always will be crazy.
Jacklyn is adorable. Kinda retarded, but adorable.
Stasha... I'm happy for her. She's found love, I can't wait for the reunion show.
I want good things for Natasha... but did anyone else notice she looks like the Ikki Twins?
Our love for Jessa has moved on to Jodie. I cry all the time about how adorable she is with Shane. She is easily the most advanced on this show.
Taylor... well when the show first started, I was kinda nervous. I really expected her to go nowhere. ...She's grown... ish... more than we could have expected, at least. She's still a major golddigger, but Valentino is helping break her of that. I'm really proud of her.

Which brings us to Arian.

Personally? I would have kicked her out of the house the second her and her mother started talking to me like that. You do not talk to me like that, not in my house, on my show, at my party.
Steve was in no way out of line when he told her that her behavior was going to lead her into a negative situation, like rape. She thinks solely with her vajaj. She's not a classy girl. It's all about her behavior.
And believe me, I'm hardly promoting rape. It's not that I think she needs to get raped, and that's not what Steve was saying. She does need a wake up call though, and a metric shit-ton of therapy. I hope she gets it. I sincerely do.
...but I would love to see Arian in her Forties. I guarantee you, that's when she's going to regret her decisions. ...or she'll be a complete cougar. ...erk.

The finale next week is going to be... interesting. I can't wait to see it!

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