Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tough Love - Premier

Alex's Take

Is the best show.
In the history.
Of ever.

I... I don't even know. It's just... you gotta watch this shit.

These girls are bat-shit crazy... and I think that every single one of us can learn something from this show.
Unlike the real world.

The Real World

Hey guys, it's Alex.
From what I can tell, Matt, Jenn, and Claudia don't particularly care about The Real World.
And frankly, I don't either. Not anymore.
I can't listen to Chet one second longer.
The straw that broke my back was last week's HIV Pedro movie thing.
Chet insisting on talking about HIV prevention was hypocritical and useless; see, Chet wouldn't have been smart and talked about abstinence, because the only reason for his abstinence is his religion; not fear of STI's or Pregnancy, but his religion. So... yeah, I can imagine people not trusting him with the information.
Yes, he can still talk about the dangers of smoking though having never had a cigarette. ...but it'll mean a lot more from someone who has smoked.
I, personally, am very against marijuana. Though I try and tell people that many a psychological study show that marijuana use is awful for your brain (yes, far worse than alcohol) few people take me seriously. Why? Because I've never smoked Pot. Sure, I've taken plenty of psych courses, I've almost got my B.A. in psych, and I understand psychopharmacology very well. I've seen what Marijuana use and abuse can do to the human brain in my internship.
But no. What I say doesn't matter, because the second I'm done making my case, all I ever hear is "well have you tried it? You should totally try it."

So no, Chet. No matter how much of a difference we want to make, sometimes we just can't. And you have to deal with that. Let the gay guy and the transsexual talk about the goddamn AIDS, okay? Not everything is GODDAMN ABOUT YOU. HOLY FUCKING SHIT.
You know what? YOU KNOW THE FUCK WHAT!!!!!!!
I hope there's an episode where they talk about Mormonism. FUCKING MORMONISM.
Sure, Anger Management and Surgery don't have AIDS, but they're in the appropriate community. I also wouldn't let Chet talk about the plight of slavery, I'd leave it to Devyn. I wouldn't ask Ryan to talk about Anorexic Dancers or Models, I'd let Baya or Scott talk about them, respectively. Baya shouldn't be talking about PTSD.

I get so angry when it comes to Chet. I have to change the channel every time Chet starts talking. So honestly guys... I may have to stop watching The Real World. We may never have another post about it. I just can't take it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

For the Love Of Ray J number.. um.. last

Claudia's Take:

just making a quick post because I should be asleep or cleaning. I knew I promised I would, and my stuff is everywhere.. I got lazy when I got back from class, and I was so sad without everyone! and I have just sat around half asleep- but I can't seem to sleep.

I just meant to say,

Man, Caviar seems like a such a dumb, manipulative, self-absorbed little thing.. or just plain dumb. I'm not saying you gotta be loud. But this is reality TV, baby, talk for once. With diction. And real people words! with more than two syllables! with full sentences that don't start with I and end with either: "um", "...." (an incoherent mumbling trail off), or "?", the pitch of your otherwise fairly monotone voice going ever so slightly higher.
It's not that I don't do these things. But I'm not on TV... yet.
And I'm not competing for love and affection (or even air time).

Then I looked her candy ass up.

Apparently she was born in the Ukraine and raised in Russia (or vice versa, or one or the other- I had a couple conflicting results). She moved here when she was 12, nine years ago. So I guess I want that to explain it all. Her being quiet, her strange accent (it's not really Russian, or Ukrainian? Well I don't really know a Ukrainian accent, but I know some people- Matt- who can tell me soon), her nick name, her vacant stares, her cluelessness... Her lack of enthusiasm... Her lack of comebacks.. inability to stick up for herself.. or even say anything about herself..

I guess that doesn't really explain all of it!

I want to like her more,
I like her less.

I'm glad she's off because she didn't deserve to be there, but I thought Larry was hilarious! And that's the only thing I really enjoyed about it. The other girls didn't like her because they didn't think she was there for Ray, okay, that's cool, cause you guys are supposed to be competing with each other- and at least Ray might be happy in the end. They didn't like her uninvolved sort of attitude (a couple times I looked at her, I thought: If she weren't pretty, I'd think of her as "slack-jawed"). And if she was just on it to get exposure, okay, maybe, but being exposed for being boring and dull and indecipherable and pissing off Ray J Norwood with your sketchy-as-all-hell "photographer/manager/dude you don't even try to explain", well- I think it might have actually done damage. They say all publicity is good publicity. But what if the publicity makes people -not- want to talk about you? She could never be on, say, I Love Money, as she ain't crazy or skanky or driven or loud or whatever enough... she's just kinda dull and shady at the same time. I wish dull and shady could be blended into a cool portmanteau, like.. "dull-ady" or "shadull" or "sketchboring". Man, it's not even cool enough to make a new word out of!

And that, my friends, is not cool.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tool Academy Finale

Alex's Take

It's weird. This show is the reason we began this blog... and now it's all over.
I'm so proud of josh. He deserved every second of his win. Jack Sprat and Ashely are absolutely adorable. You could see as the show went on that Ashley just plain got happier and happier, whereas Jenna got meaner and meaner.
Matsu said something that really got to me though. He said that he's "used to accomplishments," meaning that he's used to winning and getting his way. I actually think it was more important for him to lose this competition, to realize that hey, he's not infallible, there's still more for him. (There's still a future in gay-for-pay...)

The wedding ceremony was beautiful. I want something a bit more... grandiose... but hey, it worked for them. Ashley didn't have the best dress (it was really awkward up top,) but honestly, it was probably so much more than they expected. I really expect the absolute best for the reunion.

Finale Predictions:
1.Shawn will go Ape Shit. Doesn't really matter on who... he just will. Aida will probably go off on someone too, since she's also a tool.
2.Cold hearted tool and girlfriend Ashely won't be there... because he killed her.
3.Margo and Celebrity have broken up. ::edit:: whoops. Margo + Mega. Or minus mega.
4.Tommy and Krista are back together.
5.Jaime (Shawn's original girlfriend) will either have a hot new boyfriend or she will be a lesbian/nun/eunuch.

This is going to be an exciting reunion show, aren't you excited?

Claudia's quick take

Wasn't it Margo and Mega? I can't remember who Celebrity-turned-Clarence-turned-Celebrity was with.

ps. the prize at the end actually does include giving him the Title of Mr Awesome

pps Ryan's realy last name is something like Matsunaga.. which opens up all sorts of possibilities:



stremattch (stretch matt?)

claudibend. bendiclau/bendoclaw. clauBOWFLEXia. Which sounds like a terrible disorder I'd never wish on anyone, especially if they couldn't laugh about it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

ABDC Finale

Alex's Take

I love Quest.
I really do.
But they've already run the reality show circuit.
I'm really, really disappointed that Beat Freaks didn't win.
I called it the first episode though. The second I saw Quest crew, I knew they'd win. Dom and Hok are killer... of course they're good. Good enough to be on the finale of SYTYCD, good enough for two of their members to make it to the top ten of SYTYCD, and another to be a finalist.
Beat Freaks though... they're something else. They really should have taken this.
That's all I have to say. Disagree if you'd like, but it's how I roll.
...but it kinda feels like McCain just won. ...though I'm not as upset about it. But the minority group lost. Beat Freaks needed this, and ABDC needed it too.
But okay, Quest. You really are a good crew. I can't be too upset.
Just know that you didn't get my vote.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tool Academy: Sunday 01 March

Claudia's Take:
i missed last week being in nashville.
i missed the real world:open casting call in philly!

I hate seeing mothers cry. It just makes me angry and closed off. I just want to be like SHUT UP. DEAL.
I hate seeing ashley cry. Cause.. well I don't like any of them anyways. So maybe I just don't like seeing ashley.

Hey if you name your girls Aida and Elmira maybe you shouldn't be surprised they're on a show like this.

James Bond is with how many girls? And girls don't hold it against him.
Actually we do. James Bond is married to how many girls? Yeah dipshit.

"My Older sister had to go through the toughest time with SHawn." well.. it's not your relationship.
Do you think this relationship is save-able? SUre whatever. it'll be constantly full of drama. so what.

You need to understand... I hate when people say that. To me it translates as "You need to see things my way."

And then I just got annoyed as crap at all of them. Maybe I'll finish this maybe I won't. Sorry dudes. I'm just a tool too.