Sunday, July 19, 2009

I miss you!


-Claudia is in New Zealand
-Claudia has five channels.

I did, however, managed to watch fifteen wasteful minutes of The Bachelor at a house party, which was being shot in New Zealand. And yes, New Zealand is that pretty, and yes, I have something to say about the show.
The girl currently on the date was so boring, I don't remember her name, or much of what she looked like, except that she had brown hair and was pretty enough, in a boring way. She wasn't even unassumingly pretty, in my standards, just a plain, blah sort of attractiveness- you can't say she's ugly, but only because you can't find anything that sticks out enough to fault her on.
I think she was from Dallas.
The guy? Might have been even more boring than the girl, even though the show should be focused on him, it's always more about the people surrounding the main. I do admit that I can be a lot more critical of male physical attractiveness than females, but.. well.. I mean, this is The Bachelor. I felt like he had some requirement to be smokin' hot and desirable, but somehow the producers couldn't cast someone fame-hungry enough.

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