Thursday, July 2, 2009

SYTYCD Week 4 - Performance

Can I just say that it feels like this week was an apology for last weeks shitty show? I was more than impressed with almost every performance last night. Let's go through it.

Brandon + Janette - Cha Cha - Jean Marc Genereux; PCD - Hush Hush; Hush Hush
Okay so this was actually a little shaky for me. For starters, it felt more Disco than Cha Cha. Secondly, where was this whole "danger" thing they kept playing on? Was it a good routine? Yes. Was it the routine I was promised? No. There was one lift. In the end, when she slid through his legs - we've seen that move a million times. This was not the best Cha Cha we've ever seen - look up Pasha and Jessi's Cha Cha from season 3 - that's a good Cha Cha.

Kupono + Kayla - Contemporary - Sonya Tayeh; Blue Fountain - Eyes on Fire
Ugh, why did it have to be The Twilight Dance? Yes, the song was from the movie. I half expected Kupono to come out covered in glitter. I didn't really see the vampire aspect of the piece except for in their costuming... it was a killer routine though! Probably Sonya's best piece in her entire time on the show. I loved how often their moves weren't the same but mimicked each other... they make a good new couple, absolutely.

Evan + Randi - Broadway - Joey Dowling; Sweet Charity - Rich Man's Fury
This was an amazing routine! Way better than anything Tyce could come up with. This actually reminded me of two Season 3 routines: Neil + Lauren's Jazz routine to Night of the Dancing Flame and Neil + Sabra's Jazz routine to Sweet Dreams. Evan actually looked like a Brunette, Intelligent version of Neil in this routine, and I was more than proud of him. I don't think they're going to be in the bottom three, but if they are, I'll bet you anything Evan's going home - the judges seem to be incredibly disappointed in him (unlike me)

Jason + Caitlin - Pop Jazz - Brian Friedman; Santigold - Creator
This was so cool! The first time I've actually enjoyed Caitlin's performance. She reminds me kinda of Season 4's Kherrington... she started off really popular but people are starting to lose their love for her. Anyway, I liked this way more than Mary did, and Nigel has a point - when you walk in and they say you're an alien recieving the last earthling's seed, you think "what step does that include??" But yeah, that was just an amazing routine, I'm more than impressed with BriFried.

Phillip + Jeanine - Hip Hop - Nappy Tabs; Kanye West - Love Lockdown
Um wow. This may be one of the best hip hops i've ever seen. Okay yeah, this is their second hip hop with the same choreographers... but you know who's impressing me? Jeanine! Their first one, she had to be kinda cutesy and adorable. This one she had to be tough and just as good at Phillip - and she showed the f*ck up! Being with Phillip is in no way a disadvantage for her, because she is learning this stuff, let me tell you. This was a damn cool routine from Tabitha and Napoleon.

Ade + Melissa - Classical Pas de Deux -Thordel Christiansen; Romeo + Juliet
Oh thank God they finally got this girl on her pointe shoes! This was a pretty stellar routine. As a Pas de Deux it's not meant to be terribly exciting, but man did they do a good job with their faces and attitudes. I love these two... but I stand by that Hip Hop is going to murder this girl.

Vitolio & Karla - Quickstep - JMG; Rufus Weinright - Puttin' on the Ritz
This... wasn't bad, for a quickstep. Lousy way to close the show, but I'm glad they put some attitude into the Kiss-of-Death Quickstep. I loved the Quick-Change, but it definitely should have happened later in the routine. I still can't believe they gave this style to these two - it's like they want them sent home!!

As for the big announcement, I feel as though I already knew stuff about the Dizzy Feet foundation... though I'd like to point out that Dizzy Feet is Nigel's Twitter alias.

Bottom 3 Predictions:
Vitolio & Karla
Jason & Caitlin
Ade & Melissa

This was a hard one. Vitolio and Karla are going in because Vitolio is strange and Quickstep sucks. Jason and Caitlin are going in because I have a feeling that America just doesn't like voting for them. That, and the routine was strange. BriFried is strange.
Originally, last night i'd put Brandon and Janette in the bottom 3, because I figured we needed a complete shocker. I really have no idea who the third couple is going to be. At this point I'm thinking it's Ade and Melissa because they had a slow routine that requires a knowledge of dance to really truly appreciate.

Going Home Predictions:


Tune in tonight at 9 o'clock for the results!
Also, my girl Kelly Clarkson is performing on tonight's results show!!

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