Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SYTYCD Week 4- Results


So I guess I forgot to update this... damn I'm lazy.

Alright, for those that don't know, Karla and Vitolio went home... just like I predicted. Holy crap. Maybe somehow I know what I'm talking about? sweeet.
Now, I'd like to apologize heavily for my being completely wrong on the bottom three couples. I... was incredibly surprised... at least at Phillip + Jeanine. That was probably my favorite routine of the night, I was mad bummed to see them in the bottom 3. Kayla + Kupono I'm actually not surprised at. See, I thought the Twi-Hards would get them in fersure... but there's a very good chance that the Twi-Haters kept them out of safety. *Hi-Five!*
I thought Phillip's solo was awesome, Nigel can suck it.

What I really want to talk about right now though is KC's performance.
That was just... awful.
I mean for starters, she sang the song an octave lower than the original. Secondly, why did she look like someone's forty-year-old mother singing this at the Cruise Ships' Karaoke?? That arm-wave thing that just jiggled her fat made everything awkward. She really looked a damn mess on that stage. I mean... she used to have cred, but that night she was just a fat white girl singing karaoke. I really hope that girl gets it together soon.

Also - I don't think people are fully aware of the amazing guest dancers - Desomnde Richardson is the country's... nay, the world's best male ballet dancer. He choreographed Katee and Will's Pas de Deux last season. He's a phenominal dancer and choreographer, and the fact that he choreographs for the show is an amazing thing on it's own, but that he danced on it? And we, at home, got to see that? We should consider ourselves incredibly priveleged. I mean quite honestly Ballet bores the hell out of me, but he's amazing at what he does, and I will respect him for that until the end.

Group Routine
Brand New Day - The Wiz (Tyce DiOrio)

Karla; Dionne Farris - Blackbird
Vitolio; Rascal Flatts - Here Comes Goodbye
Kayla; Sarah McLachlan - Stupid
Kupono; Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Jeanine; Moonlight Sonata
Phillip; Santigold - You'll Find a Way (Switch + Graeme Sinden remix)

Musical Guest
Kelly Clarkson - I Do Not Hook Up

Karla + Vitolio

I'd like to predict something for the Top 10-
Remember that at that point, we'll be voting for individual dancers. I foresee certain people dropping like flies. I see us losing Caitlin immediately. If not Caitlin, then Randi.
My predictions for final four?
Jeanine or Kayla

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