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SYTYCD Week 5 Catch-up


I'd like to apologize wholeheartedly for not updating. Being unemployed is like a self-fulfilling prophesy... I do nothing which makes me want to do more nothing.
So, that being said, I'm gonna talk about last week's performance and results night, and my feelings about how this week is gonna play out.

Brandon + Janette

Argentine Tango - (New Choreographers); Libertango
Tyce called them a power couple, which I've been saying since day one - it was nice to have some conversation from someone whom I believe to be the dumbest man alive.
This was called the "Best Argentine Tango evar" but I'd like to disagree. Remember Sara and Danny's from season 3? Come on, I can't be the only one that goes back and watches old episodes, but I feel as though Nigel and the Scooby Gang only watch them once.
Pop-Jazz - Wade Robson; Roisin Murphy - Ruby Blue
Was anyone surprised that this went well? I'm pretty sure that in the entire history of the show, a couple that got a Wade Robson has never been in the bottom.

Kupono + Kayla
All right, before we start this, I'd like to criticize fellow (and superior) bloggers SYTYCDism. They barely even mentioned Kupono and Kayla until they did that fucking Twilight dance, and now they're tweeting every five seconds to vote for them and making every blog about how amazing that dance was. Yes, the dance was very good, and I'm impressed. However, the hype for them is solely because it was a Twilight dance. I guarantee you that if they'd done the same choreography in the same outfits minus the vampire appeal, it'd not get nearly the same review.

Contemporary - Mia Micheals; Sara Barelleis - Gravity
Really? They got another contemporary piece? It's clear that the show really, really loves them. Two strong contemporary pieces in a row... honestly? Yeah, "drawn-from-the-hat" my ass.
Sadly, I didn't really get to pay attention to it, because my younger brother is a shit and was yelling and breaking things. I did catch that Kupono really freaks me out. I really don't like him at all. I had the same problem with Mark last season - no matter how much I liked his routines, I just couldn't like him.
Broaday - Joey Dowley; West Side Story - The Dance at the Gym
I realized what I like about Joey's style better than Tyce's, and it's because she uses songs that don't have words. Broadway is awkward when you feel like the people should be singing and they're not... anyways, this was okay. Not anything special, but not bad.

Phillip + Jeanine
Russian Folk Dance; Kalinka
Oh come on, that's not fair. Giving Phillip Russian Folk Dance and not expecting them in the bottom? Not Fair, dude!
Jive - Tony Meredith; Bette Midler - Like that There
This was good. It was clear Phillip was getting much better. I'm still proud of him.

Evan + Randi
Hip Hop - Tabitha and Napoleon; Beyonce - Halo
Okay for starters, Randi making fun of the routine the whole time was kind of obnoxious. Like okay, yeah, it's kinda funny. But it got to the point where she was just insulting her choreographers. All in all, it was cute. I don't understand why Evan isn't living up to his full potential on this show - I know he's incredibly talented. Maybe he's just not as good at other styles as we all hoped he'd be. Poor baby. Also, I love that Nigel essentially called them Awkward White Kids...
Samba - Pasha + Anya; Ritmo De Bom Bom
Aww, poor Evan!! He's just... not winning. Poor muffin. He really is an awkward white kid. I love him so, so much but I just can't guarantee he's right for this kind of a competition. Don't get me wrong, I didn't think his Samba was nearly as bad as the judges thought, but... yeah. Not spectacular. He just doesn't have any fire... and I think that's because he's so introverted. And yes, introverted doesn't mean he doesn't have a personality, but that does mean that we don't get to see it, and when you're on a performance based show, personality is everything.

Jason + Caitlin
Fox Trot - Tony Meredith; Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Minnie the Moocher
Just once again showing that Caitlin doesn't dance with the music. There were moves that should have been on cue with the music and they just weren't. Jason... oh Jason. <3
Jazz - Mandy Moore; Maria McKay - Show me Heaven
I... honestly don't remember this routine. I've remembered every other routine tonight, but I can't remember this one. Hmm.

Ade + Melissa
Disco - Doriana Sanchez; Destination - Move on Up
"Tyce is an Idiot" is my main note for that routine. Melissa was playing it a little slower for me than I think she should have been, and there were points where she really needed to be sharper. The ballet training may be at fault there.
Waltz - Ron Montez; Mary J Blige - A Natural Woman
Is this the one where Tyce said that Ade was... too good? That's such crappy critisizm. "You make it look easy.. and that's a bad thing." what?? God, I hate Tyce so much.


Group Routine - Hip Hop (?) - Tabitha + Napoleon; White Stripes - 7 Nation Army
(awesome group routine!!!)

CAITLIN + PHILLIP have been eliminated.
Surprised? No.

I am surprised that they basically dealt away with the concept of the Top Ten tour it's apparently the top 12 tour now. hmm.

For me, the most impressive solos of the night were Jasons, Jeanine's, and Ade's.
I think originally they were going to send Ade home until they saw that amazing solo.

Unfortunately, after that elimination, we have lost:
All of our hip hop dancers (Phillip, Tony, Karla) and all but one of our Ballroom dancers (Asuka, Jonathon, Maksim). We have an incredibly non-diverse top 10.
Then again, let's look at the Top Tens of yore.
(Note - Season one, being comprised of sixteen dancers, didn't really have a top ten)

Season 2
Martha (Contemporary/HipHop)
Dmitry (Latin Ballroom)
Allison (Contemporary/Jazz)
Ryan (Contemporary)
Ivan (HipHop)
Natalie (Lyrical/Jazz)
Donyelle (Contemporary/HipHop/Jazz)
Heidi (Latin Ballroom)
Travis (Contemporary)
Benji (West Coast Swing)

Season 3
Jaime (Contemporary)
Kameron (HipHop/Contemporary)
Domenic (BBoy)
Sara (BGirl)
Pasha (Latin Ballroom)
Lauren (HipHop/Jazz/Contemporary)
Neil (Contemporary)
Lacey (Latin Ballroom/West Coast Swing)
Danny (Contemporary)
Sabra (Contemporary)

Season 4
Jessica King (Contemporary)
Kherrington (Contemporary)
Gev (BBoy)
Comfort Fedoke (Untrained HipHop)
Will (Contemporary)
Chelsea (Latin Ballroom)
Mark (Contemporary/JazzFunk)
Courtney G (Contemporary)
Katee (Contemporary)
Twitch (Untrained HipHop)
Joshua (Untrained HipHop)

Season 5 (in order of style)
Brandon (Contemporary)
Kayla (Contemporary)
Jeanine (Contemporary)
Randi (Contemporary)
Jason (Contemporary)
Ade (Contemporary)
Kupono (Contemporary/JazzFunk)
Melissa (Ballet)
Evan (Broadway)
Janette (Cuban Salsa)

It looks pretty clear to me that we have the least diverse top 10 yet...

Caitlin; Playing for Change - Stand by Me
Jason; Evaline - Calm Touching
Jeanine; Chris Garneu - Baby's Romance
Phillip; 5th Element Sountrack - The Diva Dance
Melissa; Kodo - Kashira
Ade; Jib Kidder - Windowdipper

Musical Guest
Dj David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over (samples - Coldplay - Clocks)

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