Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tool Academy Finale

Alex's Take

It's weird. This show is the reason we began this blog... and now it's all over.
I'm so proud of josh. He deserved every second of his win. Jack Sprat and Ashely are absolutely adorable. You could see as the show went on that Ashley just plain got happier and happier, whereas Jenna got meaner and meaner.
Matsu said something that really got to me though. He said that he's "used to accomplishments," meaning that he's used to winning and getting his way. I actually think it was more important for him to lose this competition, to realize that hey, he's not infallible, there's still more for him. (There's still a future in gay-for-pay...)

The wedding ceremony was beautiful. I want something a bit more... grandiose... but hey, it worked for them. Ashley didn't have the best dress (it was really awkward up top,) but honestly, it was probably so much more than they expected. I really expect the absolute best for the reunion.

Finale Predictions:
1.Shawn will go Ape Shit. Doesn't really matter on who... he just will. Aida will probably go off on someone too, since she's also a tool.
2.Cold hearted tool and girlfriend Ashely won't be there... because he killed her.
3.Margo and Celebrity have broken up. ::edit:: whoops. Margo + Mega. Or minus mega.
4.Tommy and Krista are back together.
5.Jaime (Shawn's original girlfriend) will either have a hot new boyfriend or she will be a lesbian/nun/eunuch.

This is going to be an exciting reunion show, aren't you excited?

Claudia's quick take

Wasn't it Margo and Mega? I can't remember who Celebrity-turned-Clarence-turned-Celebrity was with.

ps. the prize at the end actually does include giving him the Title of Mr Awesome

pps Ryan's realy last name is something like Matsunaga.. which opens up all sorts of possibilities:



stremattch (stretch matt?)

claudibend. bendiclau/bendoclaw. clauBOWFLEXia. Which sounds like a terrible disorder I'd never wish on anyone, especially if they couldn't laugh about it.

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