Monday, March 2, 2009

Tool Academy: Sunday 01 March

Claudia's Take:
i missed last week being in nashville.
i missed the real world:open casting call in philly!

I hate seeing mothers cry. It just makes me angry and closed off. I just want to be like SHUT UP. DEAL.
I hate seeing ashley cry. Cause.. well I don't like any of them anyways. So maybe I just don't like seeing ashley.

Hey if you name your girls Aida and Elmira maybe you shouldn't be surprised they're on a show like this.

James Bond is with how many girls? And girls don't hold it against him.
Actually we do. James Bond is married to how many girls? Yeah dipshit.

"My Older sister had to go through the toughest time with SHawn." well.. it's not your relationship.
Do you think this relationship is save-able? SUre whatever. it'll be constantly full of drama. so what.

You need to understand... I hate when people say that. To me it translates as "You need to see things my way."

And then I just got annoyed as crap at all of them. Maybe I'll finish this maybe I won't. Sorry dudes. I'm just a tool too.

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