Thursday, March 5, 2009

ABDC Finale

Alex's Take

I love Quest.
I really do.
But they've already run the reality show circuit.
I'm really, really disappointed that Beat Freaks didn't win.
I called it the first episode though. The second I saw Quest crew, I knew they'd win. Dom and Hok are killer... of course they're good. Good enough to be on the finale of SYTYCD, good enough for two of their members to make it to the top ten of SYTYCD, and another to be a finalist.
Beat Freaks though... they're something else. They really should have taken this.
That's all I have to say. Disagree if you'd like, but it's how I roll.
...but it kinda feels like McCain just won. ...though I'm not as upset about it. But the minority group lost. Beat Freaks needed this, and ABDC needed it too.
But okay, Quest. You really are a good crew. I can't be too upset.
Just know that you didn't get my vote.

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