Thursday, February 5, 2009

ABDC Week 4

The Whack Track Challenge.

Alex's Take
Okay so for straight up, I want to do a little venting about this show here.
Domenic (D-Trix) and Hokuto (aka Hawk) were contestants on So You Think You Can Dance, and the guy from Dynamic Edition and Quest have both performed on SYTYCD.
That's not fucking fair.

I want to root for Quest, but TWO of them are already famous, and they've been on all the shows. The guy from Dynamic Edition just performed on the finale...
so Dynamic Edition is my favorite. I love them.
Problem is, they've been really weak the past couple weeks.
When they performed stronger last week... I'm sorry, that was whack. Like... that was damn cheezy. Granted, they had to perform to Stronger, which is basically a gay club anthem.
Then this week, Achey Breaky heart just wasn't doing it for me. There was NO hip hop.

Then again... this week's challenge was fuckin' whacker than the songs they chose. This episode is shitty for entertainment value. I mean, when you're working with The Macarena and Everybody Dance Now, you're no longer letting the group choreograph a routine they can be proud of. They will never do the routine ever again... not on purpose at least. And most of us spent the early part of the millenium trying to forget Pretty Fly for a White Guy.
I mean... last week's challenge was fly! Aside from my brit-flavored guilty pleasure, they were actually all dance songs. That's the trick, to use dance songs. GOOD dance songs. Not fuckin' achey breaky heart. They couldn't have used something a little less whack? I felt like I was at a god damned trailer park wedding.

I understand why Quest is on the show though... they're really good. I actually love all of the crews on the show this season. ...except for Circus Freaks... but I hated the crunchy noises. God, I can't even listen to someone eat some pretzels, let alone faux-bone-breaking.

But hey... I promise that every other week, I'll be tearing up the judges. TEARING THEM UP SO HARD.
...but somehow, I agree with them tonight. I promise I won't be this nice for long.
Sorry 'bout that. Don't get too used to me being nice.

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