Monday, February 2, 2009

I Love Money 2

I Love Money 2 (February 2nd)

Alex's Take
Okay, as of right now, I've only caught the end.
And this dumb blonde bitch is easily the dumbest motherfucker in the world. I haven't seen someone give up this easily since my ex. Tamara is the dumbest ass in the history of ever. Was she high? Seriously? They made her feel stupid? I'm pretty sure she did that her damn self. She signed up for this shit, no one forced her.
And she ended up in a closet.
What. A. Fucking. Genius.
This is the first time I'm actually proud of Leilene.
Because this is the first time that someone else is crying for no damn reason.
Though Entertainer and It come in a close second and third for the crazy.

Matthew’s Take:

After taking in both the premier and a repeat of this first episode of the season, and digesting and gestating it to the fullest extent possible without the necessity for medical assistance, I must disagree with my esteemed colleague and television watcher Alex on one small point – I’d rather have seen Tamara win against Leilene for the final spot on this first elimination night.

Yeah, she’s got a tepid fishbowl for her mental basket case, prone to ill made reflections and contorted depths of her visual field (Or depth of much of anything). But, at least she doesn’t cry.

As much.

As Leilene anyway.

I’ll take her incoherent babbling about house boats while simultaneously being deathly afraid of water over Leilene’s reverse snot shots and blubbering lip gloss.

I could make flow charts while watching the show, taking notes and making graphs of all of Tamara’s terrible inconsistencies. Perhaps, after a few episodes, I could take the scribbled notes and flowing arrows and geometry chaining them together. To shape the twists and turns of her mental gerbil farm into the pathways of some sort of modern art project I could submit to an Institution of Higher Learning for personal Gain and Profit.

But now I’ll never have That Chance.

Story of my life.

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