Monday, February 9, 2009

For The Love of Ray J - 2/9/09

Alex's Take
Okay... so... I'm starting to actually like this show.
Oh shut the eff up. It's not that bad!
Okay. It's terrible.
But I like Ray J. Yeah, he's nasty and shih... but at the same time, he's just snugglin' all up ons these girls, and I think he genuinely likes these girls. I mean... I know I do. Kinda. Okay, I love Chardonnay more than I should. She's like... a classy slut. Like my friend May*. Yeah, she's hot and knows it... but she's still real, and smart. And has never paid for a drink (except for mine, of course.)
And the drama is so pretty.
I'm excited for next week.

Though has anyone else seen the Kim Kardashian / Ray J sex tape?

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