Monday, February 2, 2009

For the Love of Ray J

For the Love of Ray J (February 2nd)

Alex's Take.

Sorry Guys, we're just not feeling this one.

Claudia's Take.

EWWWWWWWWW ew ew ew.

Matthew's Take:

This show a mess.
A shotgun confetti shower, housing all the requisite reality show trimmings.

There’s the stylized and primped up dinners, the expensive dresswear, all kinds of crazed personalities, the trash talk, the House I’ll Never Be Able To Afford…

But the show lacks soul.
It seems to exist solely to fill a void in the network programming schedule.
That void is still there though VH1. I hope you’re aware.
There’s no contestant or personality to root for, painfully few to root against (Chardonay is the only one who comes to mind)…the whole of the cast seems bland, disinteresting, and uninspiring.

Ray J puts on a good marketing push, expressing a desire to settle down, or at least move away from being a playa. I imagine the cast here will, inevitably, fail in anything but pushing him back into that world that he expresses only desire to leave. If his own words are even to be believed, of course, and not the spreadsheet musings of some short staffed script writer. Ray J, for the love of yourself, pull the plug on this program.

Lordy knows that we'll probably pull the one connected to our own sweet little Mono-audio television for you.

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