Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Real World - February 11th

Alex's Take
Sorry I'm a week late on this.

Okay, so the deal with Katelynn being trans...
I don't very much care that she walks around in her underwear. She looks like a chick. I guarantee her vagina looks better than most people's. I respect that Katelynn wants to walk around not wearing many clothes. She's wearing just as much as Devyn wears every morning. So basically, what the eff ever. ANY single one of these shots, camera angles, etc. are only being criticized because she's trans. If she was born a woman and maybe a little better in the face, there'd be no criticism. At all.
I mean, when I got my new laptop, I showed it off. She got a new EVERYTHING. I give the woman some respect.
I kinda want katelynn and scott to get together. I'd be so happy.

Aww, how cute. Guy weekend. Matt and I have those, just less... gay. I mean... we miss the girls when they're gone. This is just fragrantly homosexual.
They had a photoshoot and jumped on rocks. I mean... they were there to see Ryan's hometown and have fun, right?
...wait. wasn't there something about aids in there?
Nope. Just the boys hanging out and having sex with each other.
I mean being boys.

You know what I've notice about everyone this season?
Everyone is the least favorite part of every sterotype.
Scott is the dumb model who doesn't know how to pick up girls without showing off his body.
Katelynn is the slutty trans girl.
Chet is the obnoxious mormon that thinks he's "cool," who really comes off as an intensely homosexual asshole.
Ryan is the whiny, hypocritical, vaguely homosexual army vet.
Baya is the dumb dancer.
Devyn is the smart black girl who's actually intensely neurotic and combative.
Sarah is the girl who used to date girls but is now considered "straight."
J.D. is the gay guy that preaches tolerance but gets drunk and turns into a crazy, racist, condescending ass.

I love this season.

By the way:
Bringing in my psychology.
There is a (slight) difference between little boy brain and little girl brain.
Devyn means it in a condescending way.
J.D. was trying to say that there's no difference in the sense of one is not better than the other.
The brains aren't really different though. They're really not. They work the same way, they light up the same way.
However, little girls usually have a tendency to like girlier things, like dolls and pink (even when raised in a gender-neutral environment.)
Little boys have a tendency to like more mechanical things, like toy trucks (even when raised in a gender-neutral environment.)
This even applies to monkeys. How interesting!
But essentially, their brains are the same.
J.D. made a good point. How dare she undermine J.D.'s Psychology Degree and claim that, as a drop-out, she clearly knows more about psychology than he does. That bothers me. A lot. considering he's a dolphin trainer, he must have done very, very well in Behavioral Neuroscience, meaning he knows EVERYTHING about brains. Whattabitch.

Okay. Another episode is about to come on, so I'm done with this blog. Sorry it's so long, but I guess I had a lot to say this round.

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