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Tool Academy- Sunday 08 Feb

Claudia's Take:
I'll let Matt and Alex do the better rants against lie detectors (and Jenn do whatever she wants) as I know they are better informed. I know that the success rate is around 60%, while "chance" is basically 50% isn't it? And that the Supreme Court,who can't be bothered with trivial things, took their time to say polygraph lie detector tests are unreliable.Personally I would like to take one just to see what it was like, but I think actually taking one that mattered (for the first time ever, too), for something like my prison sentence or my boyfriend's trust- I would be way too nervous about being hooked up to a machine and wondering how it would come out, that my physiological signals would be all over the place.
Shawn and Aida are meant for each other. Like Margot and Mega (Does he even have a real name?) who were both loudmouth sorta-tools that didn't really seem to want to be there, even though they signed up for it; Shawn and Aida are both seem to me one-sided and a bit shallow, with really bad hair. They do seem like a good match though, you know?
The therapist sort of reminds me of Victoria Stillwell on "It's Me or The Dog" on Animal Planet. They are both brunette Brits helping people who can't deal with their own problems. She sometimes looks at them like... aww... aren't you cute cause you don't know what you're saying..HEY WAIT don't eat out of the garbage!
Tommy's face during the test- that little douchey smirk- looks like he's either confident he passed the lie detector test or confident he escaped and tricked the lie detetcor test.

so yay tattoos! but what if you get kicked off right away? What about ROB IN THE HOSPITAL? what about when your girlfriend dumps you anyways when you're kicked off the show? are you going to go out with these tools later on in your lives, go out to bars and be douchey? and the music in the background? "I don't want your nine to five, I just want to live my life"? Now,maybe sitting back and just settling for a boring nine to five because someone else tells you is immature becauseyou aren't finding yourself, you aren't taking chances, you aren't challenging your self, you're going with what's known and safe.
But also, you aren't GETTING A GODDAMN STABLE JOB.

As for Karine and Rob, they always seemed like the most adult here. If Rob failed the test and was so freaked out HE FAINTED I mean he probably does regret it, huh? But yeah, Karine, maybe the show is too much for you all. Maybe you need to pull a Margot and be a strong angry black woman and just piss of showexecutives and the ever-patient therapist (it's her job to be patient with you right?)."Not the way I wanted to go out." Well either you won and worked on your relationship or you go off because Rob's just a anxiety-riddled tool. I guess you can be proud of leaving on your own terms.

I would have already failed this show not because my boyfriend is a tool, or because I'm a tool, but because I'm a wuss. I trust my boyfriend. I don't trust polygraph detector tests. I don't like being blindfolded. When someone says "close your eyes and take a deep breath" I don't even close my eyes. It makes me so nervous all that relaxing deep breathing is worthless.
Ashley already had trouble breathing in the last challenge, and she gave up. Although I'm glad she didn't give up last time,I can't help but be disappointed in her. Of course her BREAKING DOWN AND CRYING without even trying the snakes didn't help. This is a TV show. They're not going to actually poison you. It's not a real bomb. It's not even real life. It's reality TV.

I didn't like the tattoos at first. Then they didn't bother me. I mean, yay them. whatever. I do think it's quite HI-larious that out of four girls, one didn't like it and the other was glad her guy -didn't- get one.
All serious and happiness for mending couples and better people (I mean, really, they're trying to be better people right?Well the guys anyways), I get a little grossed out every time I see the commercials that pop up twice a break for "For the Love of Ray J". Some of these girls should be on that. I mean DAYUM. calm the shit down and become better person so you and your newly improved menactually deserve each other.Matt thought Shawn was going home, as Tommy didn't get the tattoo and didn't have much of a lie on the test.I wasn't sure: Shawn and Aida was so much drama, and shawn is just so... dumb. Tommy, however, I thought he'd have to go home-He didn't have any more space on his half-suit jacket! Krista didn't looked relieved to hear that that they were staying. Maybe they edited it out, but she shot a glance at the othergirls that she was startin' shit with. Indicator of self-absorbency? I think so. I don't like her because I think her face is too angular, I think she's toothy, I think she's mean, and one of my best friends is named Krista, so she just annoys me as I think she doesn't deserve that name.

I'm pretty self-absorbed too I suppose. But so self-absorbed that I think I'm too cool for that.
Actually now I really want to be on a show just so you all can judge the shit out of me.
I wouldn't even be true to myself. I would be BATSHIT CA-RAZY.

Alex's Take

Okay, so as I'm writing this, I hurt.
Along with heavy physical pain, I've also got a huge headache, and I'm too tired to go pee.
So I'm not terribly happy.
My thoughts here will be scattered, but angry.
Try to keep up.

Ha. Ha.
Ha. Ha. Ha.

Okay, so let's talk.
Can we do that? Okay.
As a psychologist, Trina should know damn well that Lie Detector tests don't work. They can be beaten, and they can have false positives. Neither of these are productive for this kind of a situation. God, they're not even admissible in court.

Okay. Sorry about that. Won't happen again.
Okay, I don't promise that.
I hurt. Really badly.
This is how much I love you guys. I will blog through this hurt.

So general consensus is that Josh and Ashley P. (Tiny Tool and the Fat Girl) are going to win this. I love them... she's the opposite of the kind of girl a guy like him should be with... yet he loves her so much. I love them. I mean... no one would have thought someone from Tom's River would have done this well. Nonetheless, they're doing well
Matsu is no longer my favorite. While articulate and intelligent(?), he's still kind of... dumb? Annoying?
And really... Tool Academy Tats?
Honestly? This was the smartest Tommy has ever been.

Rob looks like the dumbest motherfuck. You know he's been hit in the damn head too many times. I'm going to miss him though. Primarily because I like Karine. It's sad to see her go. I could care less for Rob. Karine was pretty. In a drag-queen sorta way.

"Watch out for the snake"
"WHAT the FUCK???"

aaaaand another win for matsu. I guarantee you he was the kid in gym class that took everything seriously. As a matter of fact, Gym was his favorite mother-fucking class. GOD I hated that kid.

Before I talk about the girl drama / elimination, I'd like to mention that I'm 99% sure that they dub Trina. A lot.

Okay. Girl Drama.
"Family does not talk about each other behind their backs."
Has Jenna ever met a family? That's all they Goddamn do!
Though as often as I talk about how dumb Tommy is (go ahead and read past posts. It's True.) His girlfriend...? Equally as dumb! Which is fine, they're allowed. But legit... they're goddamn dumb. I'm glad they cleaned up though.

Okay. Elimination.
Shawn is outright rude. Tommy may still think he's on Mr. Awesome, but Shawn is straight up mean to Aida, and she doesn't deserve that. I'm glad that they retained the men. But god, they're all so dumb.
1... 2... 3... PROGRESS!

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