Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Real World - February 18th

Alex's Take

Leave the mice alone! they don't deserve that! They're the most adorable things. These boys are just evil. J.D., the psych major, should know better.
R.I.P. Vampire, September 2006-November 2008 <3
(I miss my lab rat.)

Okay, so I guess we have to talk about Devyn.
God, I hate her.

She flirted with Scott like no one has ever flirted with anyone. She made a BFFometer.
She has a fiancee, and another boyfriend.
So I guess I'm done with Devyn. I mean... I've been done with her forever. But now I'm extra done. She's a dumb, vapid bitch who isn't allowed to be wrong. How charming.
I feel like someone needs to sit her down, and in that same condescending speech pattern, explain to her that dating multiple men is cheating. What a vapid hoe. It's about time people call her on her shit. Fuckin'... jeeze. I don't understand this shit. She can date thirty-two men, but I can't date one? Fuckin' retahded. I love that it took him calling her "sugarbutt" to get her to realize the problem of dating many men.
She needs to let go of her past with david, though. He's great now, and that's what truly matters.

[side note:]
Who decided to name their school "UTI"? did no one tell them this was a bad idea?

(back to "reality")

God, there's another half hour left? I'm scared.

I really wanted Devyn to suck it up and come out with that rat on her shoulder - "hey guys, look what I found!!!"
If they'd put a tarantula say, in a little cage next to my bed (since they're actually a little dangerous) I would suck it up and come out with the box of spider saying "Oh my God guys, look what I found!!! Isn't it neat! It was under my bed, roaming around! Good thing this empty box was in my room. I'm gonna name him "bitey"!
Because who doesn't love a good mindfuck.
Good thing Devyn lives in her own fantasy realm. It works for her, really. Really. I'm actually jealous.

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