Monday, February 16, 2009

I Love Money 2 - February 16th

Alex's Take

Is this I Love Love Triangles?
...I would watch that.
Legit. We should make that a show.
As a matter of fact, here's some ideas for new vh! shows.
"Stripper Love."
"I Love Slappin' Hoes."
"My New Acquaintance."
"I Love Binge Drinking."
"Best Sidereal Month Ever."
"I Love Nudity."
"Buckwild Lovin'."
"The Worlds Most One-Sided Fist Fights."
"I Love Bangin' Strippers."
"One More Drink."
"Venereal Disease."
"Future Domestic Abuse Charges."
"I Love Working Out."
"Anger Management."
"I Love Fake Tits."
"For the Love of Ray Charles."
"Is it Herpes?"
"A Triple Shot at Love, with The Powerpuff Girls."
"The Sideboob Hour."

Dear vh1. Please take my advice. Make every one of these shows.
...oh wait. You pretty much have. These are just code-names for all of your other shows!! But really. You could take my ideas to the bank. To the bank.

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