Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daisy of Love - Final Five

Ahh, now time for an update on my favorite train wreck, Daisy of Love!
As we all know, Daisy is upwards of one of the most intelligent people we've seen on any of these vh1 Celebridating shows.
I honestly, truly wish I was kidding. I'm dead serious. I really do feel for this girl though, and as dumb as she is, she's really putting her heart on the line for these guys. She's probably the most caring Celebridater we've seen yet (read: Brett Micheals is a douchebag, Flav can't even see the girls he's dating, New York was born with a Vodka Cranberry in her hand, Real and Chance are too high to make decisions)
This is why I tune in week after week - because I, too, care for these gentelmen. However, I have some words today (naturally: it is me, after all.)
Has anyone besides me noticed that Sinister is a total vagoo? I mean... he's straight of made of vagina. He's not sexy - he's a complete whimp. He's not hardcore at all... and quite frankly, it completely sucks that he sold ChiChi out. He straight up told Daisy to send him home. That's complete balls dude. ChiChi is totally in man-love with Sinister, and I can see why - it's unrequited guy-love. ChiChi looks up to Sinister in every way, but will never, ever be as cool - because to Sinister, ChiChi is just a wingman. But hey, don't let me forget 12 Pack a.k.a. Professional Douchebag Dave. What a complete and total tool. I mean, don't get me wrong - I used to love 12 Pack Dave. ...until he randomly grew a Chinstrap Beard and started dressing like a whiny glam-rocker. I mean... gross! Bro has to get some self-respect into his system, cuz right now he's just going through the motions with this show, and everyone can tell. He's just doing his best not to cause drama. ::Sigh:: the worst part is that I actually kind of like the idea of Dave with Daisy. Oh my god, I just realized the Alliteration potential! OH!!! Oh oh oh oh oh! They could go by "Double D"! - at least until Season 2.
I feel terrible for Big Rig. He's a complete sweetheart... though Daisy does have a point. He does have a violent nature, and Daisy wants a guy that makes her feel loved - she can protect herself, she doesn't need a man for that. However, we had to say Sayonara to poor Big Rig aka Jeremiah Riggs, who for some reason... cried? Gotta say, didn't see that coming. Daisy just wasn't falling for him... but he made it clear he was falling for her.
Riki Rachtman, however, is by far my favorite person on this show. He's probably the only person who can intimidate all of these guys with just one angry look. He's probably my hero. When I host my own Celebridating show, I desperately want Riki Rachtman to help host it with me. You hear that Riki? I'm in.

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