Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SYTYCD Week 3 - Performance Night


Before I dissect tonights performance, i'd like to point out that I'm majorly disappointed in this season. I mean... my favorite dance tonight was a Tyce DiOrio routine... for anyone that reads this, that means you'd better buy some industrial slippers (that's a hell-freezing-over joke) That's not to say anything for the talent. They're working their asses off. The choreographers, however, aren't. They're getting lazy. They're playing it safe, causing the dancers to play it safe. I mean, let's get real. Have we seen a dancer like Lacey or Donyelle since their seasons? What about a dancer like Travis or Pasha? We haven't. These dancers are playing it safe. I like their personalities, but not one of them could perform Lacey and Kameron's slutty hip-hop routine with any sort of authenticity. Could anyone perform a Paso Doble like Artem and Melissa? No. You wanna know why? You guessed it - they're playing it safe. The choreographers have gone soft. They're giving the dancers easy dances - well guess what! They made it to the Top 20 for a reason. If they can't cut it, it's their own damn fault.

You know what? Instead of dissecting tonights episode, I'm going to post some of my favorite routines from past seasons. I'll talk about tonights episode tomorrow. Some of the routines I'm about to put weren't even judges favorites, but I certainly liked them. Some of them even have dancers that I don't like... and yet, I'll never forget these routines. This is why I feel like this season can't stack up.

Lacey + Kameron - Hip Hop - Dan Karaty

Sabra+Neil - Jazz - Mandy Moore

Lacey + Kameron - Contemporary - Mia Micheals

Benji + Travis - Hip Hop - Shane Sparks

Season 2's Top 6 Group Routine - Contemporary - Mia Micheals

Benji + Donyelle - Hip Hop - Shane Sparks

Katee + Joshua - Contemporary - Mia Micheals

And that's just a small sample of what I consider talent on this show. I'll finish this evening's update tomorrow... I'm not even sure if i'm going to vote tonight. I'm thoroughly malcontent with this evening's performance. Le sigh.

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