Tuesday, June 9, 2009


SYTYCD Spoilers are HERE!! Yay!

(according to SYTYCDism)

In No Particular order
Phillip & Jeanine - Hip-Hop - Napoleon & Tabitha
Vitolio & Asuka - Broadway - Tyce
Jonathan & Karla - Cha-Cha - Tony Meredith
Evan & Randi - Jazz - Tyce
Tony & Paris - Hip-Hop - Napoleon & Tabitha
Jason & Caitlin - Bollywood - (to Jai Ho)
Brandon & Janette - Foxtrot - Louis Van Amstel
Kupono & Ashley - Jazz - Wade Robson
Ade & Melissa - Contemporary - Mandy Moore
Maks & Kayla - Samba - Louis Van Amstel

There you have it! That's what we have to look forward to. I'm sad I don't see Chane in there, but I see Wade. Sadly, I see two Tyces , but I see two Tabitha and Napoleons! Guaranteed to be a good, good night.
Tune in tomorrow night at 8, 7 central for all the SYTYCD goodness! I'll update either Wednesday night or Thursday Morning with my thoughts, reflections, and predictions! Make sure to vote! Lines open right after the show. Just Call 1-888-TEMPO-XX (replace XX with couple number.) Vote as many times as your fingers can possibly handle! USE THAT REDIAL BUTTON!

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