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This blog entry will contain spoilers.

Okay guys, Welcome to Week 3 of SYTYCD!! Can you believe we're already at the top sixteen! OH geeze, I'm nervous. Okay, let's get these spoilers over with so you can be prepared for tonight's episode.

Guest judge was Toni Basil.

Karla/Jonathan - Hip Hop by Dave Scott
Asuka/Vitolio - Jazz by Mandy Moore
Melissa/Ade - Rumba by Tony Meredith
Janette/Brandon - Hip Hop by Dave Scott
Kayla/Pono - Viennese Waltz by Jean-Marc Generaux
Randi/Evan - Contemporary by Mia Michaels
Caitlin/Jason - Paso Doble by Jean-Marc & Franx
Jeanine/Phillip - Broadway by Tyce Diorio

The cast of Glee was in the audience!

My opinions/predictions??
I feel like Karla and Jonathon are gonna be great at Hip Hop. Karla is a member of the Boogie Bots, and Jonathon has the right frame, size, and youth for a solid Dave Scott routine.
Asuka and Vitolio are going to rock Mandy's jazz routine. I'm excited to see it.
Melissa and Ade are going to do the best they can with Tony's rumba, but anyone can see that Tony's a little off this season. I'm not expecting great things, but I'm not expecting that to be Made's fault.
Brandette are going to rock at hip hop. No questions asked. Expect a killer routine. I've already discussed that these two are going to be a complete power couple and to expect them in the final four. Kayla and Kupono have a vienniese waltz.... hmm. Kayla seems to rock everything given to her, but being a new couple is going to hinder them incredibly for this routine. Kupono, however, moves very similarly to Danny from Season 3 (I think both of them dance incredibly femininely) but Anya and Danny's Viennese Waltz was nothing short of beautiful. Randi and Evan will be okay with Mia's routine, but Mia herself is really slipping. Personal opinion? I think her weed supply ran out last year, so her routines have been slipping and withdrawl is turning her into a heinous bitch. I'm... really nervous about Evan. I love him, but I feel as though his glow is fading. I still love Evan, but maybe more the person than the dancer. The other styles seem to be hindering him. Hopefully this piece will shape him up. Caitlin and Jason's Paso Doble is going to be a breaking point for Caitlin. She's proved to me that she's not all that awesome at partnering, and with the Paso Doble one rarely even breaks hold. To me, Jason can do no wrong. He's just fantastic... one of the best dancers on this show. He'll be okay. Jeanine and Phillip have a Tyce routine... and this is going to kill Phillip. He's got the energy, but I think his lack of training is going to catch up to him. Luckily, everyone loves Phillip, so he's not going anywhere.

So there you have it, guys! Mind you, I don't read spoilers as to how each couple performed, just the style and choreographer - my opinions/predictions are only grounded in what I know and my opinions of the choreographers, styles, and dancers. Of course, in about twelve hours, I'll have updated with what actually happened, and my opinions and predictions as to who goes home. Make sure to watch The Veronicas perform their new hit, Take Me on the Floor, this Thursday on SYTYCD!

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