Friday, June 26, 2009

SYTYCD Week 3 - Results Night


Okay, so I was actually incredibly impressed with Tabitha & Napoleon's group routine to Calle Ocho. The cameras, the lights, the dancers... all incredibly choreographed. And the water! Neat.

For those that watch the show, you know that Asuka and Jonathon were sent home last night. I'm incredibly bummed about the loss of Asuka. I disagree with Nigel - she's been growing incredibly throughout the competition. Caitlin Kinney, however, still has no partnering skills! She's just like Jesus from season 3 - an amazing soloist, but just can't follow a partner. I really would have rather seen her go home last night.
I also disagree with Nigel's judgement of Jason. I thought his solo was fantastic - the boy knows what "dancing for your life" means. And his outfit getting in the way? Let me tell you, Jason's outfit was perfect. Cargo shorts and a button up is what I wear every day. What's wrong with that? I'm wearing cargo shorts and a button up right now. And you know what? I dance in cargo shorts and a button up too, so there. ...nah, I'm not really that upset. I just wanted to talk about how Jason and I are twins.
Really though, I don't necessarily like Jason as a person (I've nothing against him, mind you, he's just not exciting.) As a dancer, though, I think he can do no wrong. I think he's technically the most brilliant contemporary dancer we've had in a long time. His dancing actually reminds me a lot of Travis from season 2. I think he gets masked a lot though by Caitlin, who is gorgeous but not on count. Ever. I'm sure you're thinking "man, this guy really hates Caitlin..." but I don't. I like her a lot. She's a fantastic soloist, and I like her personality a lot. The problem is that she's holding Jason back incredibly.
Painfully, I'd like to point out that we've lost three ballroom dancers now, leaving Janette as the only ballroom dancer. Not only that, but having lost one hip-hop dancer, that leaves us solely with Phillip (if you don't count Karla, who auditions and solos as a contemporary dancer.) Then we have Melissa who's a Ballet dancer which is not wholly unlike contemporary, and Evan, who clearly blends broadway with contemporary. We're clearly very diverse.

Music of the Night

Asuka: 3OH!3 - Don't Trust Me
Vitolio: Coldplay - Viva la Vida
Karla: Radiohead - 15 Step
Jonathon: Kodo - The Hunted
Caitlin: Que Sera Sera
Jason: Taking Back Sunday - New American Classic

Group Routine: Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
Guest Performers - The Rage Boys Crew: Colby O'Donis - Feel It
Musical Guest - The Veronicas: Take Me on the Floor

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