Saturday, June 6, 2009

Interviews, Spoilers, and more!


Good news! EOnline has posted videos of the cast of SYTYCD. We learned so much!
(video recap provided by sytycdism)


Karla Garcia has a killer penché. Maksim Kapitannikov admits to using Faina to get him in the spotlight -- LOL.

Brandon Bryant talks about his rough surface with Mia Michaels.

The dancers' fears:
Caitlin Kinney and Jonathan Platero fear hip hop. Evan Kasprzak fears Latin ballroom while Jeanine Mason fears hip hop. Ade Obayomi fears Bollywood. Asuka Kondoh and Maksim Kapitannikov fear krumping. Ballroom makes Vitolio Jeune want to poop in his pants. Ashley Valerio also fears Latin ballroom because of the hip movements. Karla Garcia fears the waltz!

Memorable quote:
"America doesn't know that I am a fan of The Hills. Once Heidi and Spencer started fighting, I got into it. I don't know why or how, but it did become one of my favorite shows." - Ade Obayomi

There you have it, folks!
Other highlights - I want to be Janette's best friend, and Paris Torres is as obsessed with Joel McHale and The Soup - sounds like my life!! Watch the videos over at eonline.

Also, sytycdism has spoilers of who's partnered with who in the top 2o!
If you don't want to know, don't read it!

Janette Manrara + Brandon Bryant
-Personally, I'm nervous - this seems like a complete power play. These are already two incredibly strong dancers with even stronger personalities. It's like the show is setting them up to take it all the way. ...then again, I really like them, so why am I complaining!

Evan Kasprzak + Randi Evans
-I'll agree with sytycdism on this one, I'm glad they're putting these two together. Evan's strong fanbase will pull her up - but will it be like Twitch/Kherrington or Lacey/Kameron where they aren't anywhere near the bottom two until they hit the top ten, and their original partner is immediately sent home?

Phillip Chbeeb + Jeanine Mason
This group will be interesting - they really haven't put much spotlight on Jeanine, so it'll be cool to see Phillip drag her to the front. From what I've seen of her I really like her, but we'll see.

Vitoleo Jeune + Asuka Kondoh
I'm only nervous because I don't know if Vitoleo has enough training to be able to help out Asuka - from the past, Latin Ballroom dancers have been notoriously bad at contemporary. Also, neither of them seem to have a particularly strong fanbase, but I'd really, really like to see Asuka stay in the competition as long as possible - I like her!

Something that's become difficult over the years of sytycd is that the more popular it becomes, the wider it's viewer population is. That's how we get viewers who will solely vote for someone based off of personality. The dancers and reality show addicts make up the rest of the viewing population. Season three was incredibly predictable, and we liked it that way. Now that SYTYCD is becoming mainstream, it's throwing off people like me who used to be able to predict with 90% accuracy who was going home. (I never thought I'd lose Pasha!)
That's not to say I'm not happy this show has gone mainstream - I get far less dirty looks when I tell people that my Wednesdays and Thursdays are booked, and it does make more and more people want to take up a dance class, which is just incredibly important.

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