Monday, June 8, 2009

Daisy of Love


Man, it's been a while since we've talked about this show.
I caught the episode last night where the guys get in the ring and fight each other...
And wow.
Let's see if I can recap.
Fox is a Vagina.
Chi Chi and Sinister/Brandon are totally not even friends anymore.
Flex is so hot.
Big Rig makes me laugh. He's half meathead and half redneck, but I love him.
Six Guage is too nice so he was sent home.
12 Pack is an idiot.

All caught up?


So Fox tapped out while he had Chi Chi pinned. Because Fox is a woman.
Later, we see him sitting on a chair with 12 Pack, because Fox is totally gay for 12 Pack, and he says "Would Johnny Depp fight for a woman?" to which Flex replies "Yes, he's a fucking Pirate."
I think it's finally hit Flex that while he may be an accident-prone Bostonian moron, the guys in this house are even dumber.
As much as I love 12 Pack, he is in so over his head. He is so incredibly out of place in the house, and I think he knows it. Sinister is my favorite in the house - well, next to Flex, of course.
Is it wrong of me to desperately want my own RealiDating show, not because I want to be famous but because I think I could do it better? I just feel like I wouldn't make the same mistakes that this girl makes. Also, is it wrong that I'd want Flex on my show? No, not at all. ...don't judge me.

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