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So You Think You Can Dance: Week 1 Performance Night!

AH! AHHHHH!!! Oh my god. Sorry, my SYTYCD rush hasn't gone down yet. Ahh!!! Okay, so I just got done voting - Ten minutes for Evan and five minutes for Asuka.
...I may vote some more later.

Let's talk!
I'll take each routine. Let's go!

Phillip & Jeanine - Hip Hop - Tabitha and Napoleon - Ne-Yo - Mad
This routine was really good, but you could definitely tell that Jeanine was not comfortable with certain parts. She reminds me a lot of Jaime from Season 3 who could definitely do the routine, but there were parts she was really nervous about.

Vitoleo & Asuka - Broadway - Tyce Diorio - Chicago - Hot Honey Rag

This routine was executed beautifully. Problem is, Broadway is very difficult to have on the SYTYCD stage. For starters, Broadway dances are calmed down because usually, the performers are singing. Secondly, Broadway requires huge sets - something the SYTYCD stage just can't provide. Not only that, but Broadway numbers are usually comprised of like a hundred dancers... not two. That being said, this yet another lacking broadway routine, and unfortunately, no matter how well Vitoleo and Asuka performed it, it would never hold up.

Jonathon & Karla - Cha Cha - Tony Meredith - Lady Gaga - PokerFace

Okay, so this would have been an awesome routine... had Tony choreographed it to this song. For anyone who's ever choreographed anything (yes, I am included in that) it's pretty easy to tell that the routine had next to nothing to do with the song. The camera and lights, however, did an awesome job. I think Tony had a routine all together and then swapped the music. Along with that, there were parts where both dancers went soft when they should have continued hitting it.

Evan & Randi - Jazz - Tyce Diorio - Jamie Cullum - I Only Have Eyes for You
Well, we've already gone over my heinous disregard for Tyce Diorio. This was probably one of his better routines, and you can tell he's getting a bit better with choreographing the lights and camera as well. Was this amazing? My opinion is no. Evan and Randi did a pretty good job, but I still think there's something fake about Tyce's choreography - he never leaves any room for a dancer to really show emotion. I know there's people out there that'll disagree with me, and that's fine. There's still never been a Tyce routine I've liked. I'll vote for Evan 'til I die though. (Call me!)

Tony & Paris - Hip-Hop - Tabitha & Napoleon - Black Eyed Peas - Let the Beat Rock (Boom Boom Pow remix)
Okay, so I apparently liked this routine a whole lot more than the judges... I thought they did a great job! I'm generally wary of T&N routines, since their fast ones tend to not do it for me... but Tony and Paris really hit it! Especially considering they're such airheads!! It did, however, look like two contemporary dancers doing hip-hop... and while it was done well, Tony really should have done better.

Jason & Caitlin - Bollywood - Nikul - Slumdog Millionaire - Jai Ho!
Am I the only one who noticed how off Caitlin was? Jason absolutely killed it, but I forgot to watch him. It may very well be that he looked so natural doing it that I ended up ignoring him in favor of Caitlin, who always seemed a half-beat behind. She wasn't squatting enough, she didn't extend far enough, she wasn't rigid enough, and she wasn't in character enough. I really hate to tear her apart since she's an early favorite of mine, but I really didn't like her in this routine. Jason did a wicked job though, and should definitely be commended for it. (Also, I think it should have been Americanized a bit for this first episode - they should have used the PCD version of the song.) Also, Jason Glover looks like the Muppet Fonzie. Maybe that's just me.

Brandon & Janette - Foxtrot - Louis VanAmstel - Micheal Buble - Come Fly With Me
I was so impressed! Generally, fox trots bore the crap out of me, but these two really killed it! I'm so proud of them. They took to Fox Trot and showed it what was up! They were absolutely beautiful. Watch out!

Kupono & Ashley - Jazz - Wade Robson - Goldfrappe - Felt Mountain
Huuuuuge risk for the first week, Wade. If we hadn't seen the intro, I would have had no idea who the dancers were. Costuming is always a bit of a risk, and I think I would have been far happier to have seen their faces the first week. That being said, whoooooo!!! What an amazing routine! Unique concept (even for Wade!) new, interesting, and, most importantly, well executed. Good job guys! You'll be in next week fersure!

Ade & Melissa - Contemporary - Mandy Moore - Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting
Mandy Moore impresses me more and more every season. It really was beautiful... though it wasn't really contemporary, was it? It was definitely more of a mix between a Pas de Deux and Viennese Waltz... not like I care, it was awesome! Melissa is going to have a lot of trouble with hip-hop though - I don't think her Ballet training will let her be as sharp and quick as it requires.

Maksim & Kayla - Samba - Louis VanAmstel - House of Gypsies - Jum Buh Day
This is what a Samba is all about! Choreographed to the music, spicy, everything the dance needed. (I was not about her dress though - Hot Pink is not a Samba color. She needed a Red or dark Orange.) It was good, strong, and they killed it. Nigel did have a point though - Maksim should be in the ranks of Pasha and Dmetri, but he's closer to that of Jonathon and Stanislov. Maks needs to step up his game. Also, has anyone else noticed she looks like Pumkin from Flavor of Love?

Predictions for the Bottom Three
I predict that the bottom three couples will be:
Vitoleo & Asuka
Evan & Randi
Tony & Paris

My predicions for going home:
Tony & Randi

It's really hard at this point in the game, because the people that are watching it aren't the people that have religiously watched the past bunch of seasons and obsess over the auditions... we're seeing more casual voters. I'm glad people are getting into the show, but it's hard knowing that prior fanbases are basically nullified. Evan and Asuka had a huge fanbase, but now that the show has started, I don't think anyone knows either of them. That's why I voted for them so much (and will a bit more before bed) - they deserve to be in the show, but won't get the votes. This may be the first time though that I don't want anyone leaving the program!

Please - vote right, vote fair, vote often, and most importantly, vote how I tell you to!

Dial 1-888-Tempo-02 for Vitoleo & Asuka!
Dial 1-888-Tempo-04 for Evan & Randi!

Keep dancing!

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