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So You Think You Can Dance: Vegas Week!


Howdy, y'all! Long time no post. School's out for summer, so the four of us haven't really been together enough to complete a cohesive blog. However, with SYTYCD vegas week ending last night, I've got a lot to say!

Let's start with the week itself. Holy crap! They had two rounds of solos instead of the usual one, along with a round of jazz and a round of broadway, on top of the already-strenuous rounds of hip-hop, ballroom, contemporary, and groups! They really put the dancers through hell this week.

I was deeply surprised and disappointed at some of the people they let go during the week. I was furious that they sent home Natalie and berated Brandon for their performance in the Jazz piece - considering Sonya had used them as examples for the rest of the class, I just couldn't fathom what the judge's reasoning was. Frankly, I want to know what crawled up Mia's ass and turned into a dick. Aside from how many times I heard her say "I'm a cutter," she was just outwardly mean to some of the dancers. What would have slid just fine in past seasons was berated and beaten my Mia. I'd love to see that bovine beyotch attempt ballroom - the girl who'd auditioned with Phillip should not have been sent home, that was ridiculous.
Priscilla was an early favorite for me, and her personality alone would have carried her far through the show, let alone her amazing dance ability. Her performance in the broadway routine definitely didn't warrant dismissal. Peter Sabasino, the amazing tapper from philly, made it incredibly far, but I wanted to see him in the top 20. I certainly hope he'll be back. I'm also furious that the beautiful tap girl was sent home. Also, I love Ryan Kasprzak, but I know he'll be back for season 6, so I won't have to miss him for long. Besides, I've loved Evan for a year now, so it's stellar to see him where he belongs - in the top 20 baby! (And if either of you want my phone number, just let me know. I'll be there like shareware.)

America! Here are your top twenty dancers!!

America, here is your top 20! (in no particular order. who's with who information is unreleased)

Randi Evans____Pono Aweau_______(Jazz/Contemporary, Contemporary Hip-Hop Funk)
Karla Garcia____Tony Bellissimo_____(Contemporary, Hip-Hop/Freestyle)
Caitlin Kinney___Brandon Bryant ____(Contemporary, Contemporary)
Asuka Kondoh___Phillip Chbeeb _____(Ballroom, Hip-Hop/Pop&Lock)
Jeanine Mason___Jason Glover _____(Contemporary, Contemporary/Jazz/Tap/Hip-Hop)
Janette Manrara _Vitoleo Jeune ______(Cuban Salsa, Street/Hip-Hop)
Kayla Radomski__Maksim Kapitannikov_(Contemporary/Jazz, Latin Ballroom)
Melissa Sandvig__Evan Kasprzak _____(Ballet , Broadway/Jazz)
Paris Torres ____Ade Obayomi ________(Contemporary, Contemporary)
Ashley Valerio___Jonathon Platero ___(Contemporary, Ballroom)

I, personally, have extraordinarily high hopes for season 5! I really wasn't all about season 4 and season 3 is still my all-time fave, but this crew is amazing.
People I want paired up:
Evan + Janette
Tony + Caitlin
Asuka + Phillip
Maksim + Paris

Opinions? For starters, I'm terribly nervous for Tony - I'm really afraid he'll be this season's Cedric. (For those that don't remember, Cedric was a member of the Season 3 cast who was put into the top twenty solely based on his amazing solos, but bombed every dance asked of him.) I'm similarly nervous for Phillip Chbeeb. I'm really excited to see more of Asuka. Okay, she's not much of a looker, but damn can she dance. Caitlin Kinney is adorable, but I don't know if her personality is going to be able to take her far enough. Though I like Paris, I'm really nervous that the rest of America won't. Evan... oh Evan. We already know how I feel about him. I feel like Janette is going to be a complete breakout star that no one saw coming. She reminds me so much of Anya Garnis from season 3. I also really hope that Brandon not only brings it, but brings it hard - he's gonna have to, cuz the second Mia is on panel, he's going home. Simple as that. Mary Murphy is clearly afraid of her (I would be too - she's like Mike Tyson, only angry.)
I'm terribly impressed with the absolute variety of this season's top 20. ...wait, just kidding. The makeup is actually very similar to season 4.
Season 4:
Contemporary/Ballet: 12
Hip-Hop/Street: 4
Ballroom: 3
Other: 1

Season 5:
Contemporary/Ballet: 11
Hip-Hop/Street: 3
Ballroom: 4
Other: 2

As you can see, contemporary dancers tend to dominate this competition. Season 2's final four was incredibly diverse with a West Coast Swing dancer, a Latin Ballroom dancer, a Contemporary Dancer, and a Contemporary/Hip-Hop dancer. Season 3 was three contemporary dancers and a west coast swing / latin ballroom. Season 4 was two hip-hoppers and two contemporary/jazz. It'll be more than interesting how this season's final four plays out...

I think it's going to be an interesting season.
For starters, Louis van Amstel from DWTS will be joining on as a choreographer. You may remember him being partners with Monique Coleman, Lisa Rinna, and Priscilla Presley. He's an amazing dancer and will make a fabulous addition to our choreographers. Shane and Wade will be returning as guest judges, meaning that hopefully they'll choreograph!
I do miss the days where Shane did all hip-hop, Wade did all jazz, and Mia did all contemporary. I love Tabitha & Napoleon and Dave Scott, and I really miss Dan Karaty, but Shane was always my number 1. T&N's faster routines rarely turn out as stunning, and Dave Scott is pretty hit-or-miss.
Mia is completely losing her touch (it would help if she stopped showing up to panel high,) and I really don't care for Sonya's choreography. She's quite an interesting person, but her dances just don't do it for me.
Wade... is Wade. What else do you want from me?
I have never liked a single dance that Tyce DiOrio has choreographed. I just don't like his stuff. There were even dances that I said "hmm, wow, I really don't like that," and then found out that he choreographed them. That's not to say anything for his personality - though I don't really like that either. I'd rather have Adam Shankman choreograph every broadway routine... and be the third judge every week. Adam Shankman is one of my favorite people in the world. Yes, the world. No one makes me laugh like Adam Shankman. I want a pocket Adam Shankman to cheer me up at all times.

As of right now, Evan is my winner. ...then again, knowing my luck, he'll be gone in ten minutes. It's hard, because last season my favorite was Thayne, who was a constant in the bottom. This season I have like ten favorites. Stay tuned every wednesday and thursday to see my opinions as to what's going on, k?
Here's a video of Evan before SYTYCD.'ll understand.

"After Hours" from Jason Eberly on Vimeo.

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