Thursday, June 11, 2009

SYTYCD Week 1- Results

Tony Bellissimo & Paris Torres

This was a really hard loss for me. I understand completely why they went home - Paris' solo was incredibly weak, Tony isn't a very strong dancer, and as a couple they're just too airheaded to handle any other style. Problem: I constantly forget about Jonathon and Karla. As I was writing down every couple that was being announced, I got down to the final couple and realized I didn't know who they were.
Something bothers me about Jonathon, and it's hard because I know I'm being completely unfair. It just seems strange to me that a gymnast would pick up latin ballroom, considering all his training lends him to contemporary. He's hardly the first ex-gymnast we've seen on the show - Caitlin from this season and Neil from season 3 were both gymnasts who crossed over into contemporary. Maybe what bothers me is that our other great ballroom dancers have been Artem, Dmitry, Pasha, Faina, Stanislov... and now Jonathon. So maybe I'm racist against non-russian ballroom dancers. Oh, no wait, I love Asuka (who's also only had a few years latin ballroom training.) Something about Jonathon's dancing says ", I need a few more classes."

I understand, though, why Tony and Paris went home. They will, however, be missed. I don't think we've ever seen someone with as much personality as they have go home on the first week.
I would like Nigel to stop being so scared of breaking up couples - it's really starting to bother me. I would have rather seen Karla go home than Paris. Jonathon would make a good partner for Paris, and she would definitely mellow him out.

As for the rest of the show:
a) remind me to never attend a Sean Kingston concert.
b) I'm getting really, really nervous about Evan. He's a little too uncomfortable having Randi as a partner. He should, eventually, marry me get over his fear of her husband and marry me just dance. He can't even return my calls feel comfortable touching her, let alone being her partner if this keeps up. Get with the program and marry me, Evan.
c) Did they ever say who choreographed the group routine...? (::edit:: Shane Sparks)
d) I am SO done with Boom Boom Pow. This is the third time it's been used on this show (T&N's group routine at vegas, the remix for Tony and Paris' routine, & now the top 20 group routine.)
e) Well now that we're talking about it, I wasn't terribly impressed with the group routine. The cameras were too intense - I wanted to see some dancing!!!

Paris: It Doesn't Hurt by Katie Thompson
Tony: Early in the Morning by The Gap Band
Asuka: Did Ya by BoA
Vitoleo: We Belong Together by Gavin DeGraw
Karla: A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin
Jonathon: Krazy by Pitbull feat. Lil' Jon

Top 20 Group Routine: Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas

Leaving Montage Music:
Paris: Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson
Tony: On Your Own by Green River Ordinance

Bye Tony and Paris! I miss you already!!

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