Friday, June 19, 2009

Throwing your own show under the bus is REALLY cool.

So I've already gone over that I think Tyce DiOrio is a little shit, right? good.
He recently appeared on Reality Dish and basically said "hey, we don't care about dancing ability. We only care that our dancers are attractive." Don't believe me? Check out this clip.

Okay, so basically he's saying they took Evan because he's more attractive. Nevermind the fact that Ryan has a gigantic fanbase and could get anyone to vote for him. Yes, it's true, SYTYCD definitely goes for a "look," but there are always exceptions. Evan happens to be an insanely talented dancer, and that's what got him through. They almost guaranteed Ryan a spot in season 6's top 20 - especially considering that after he was eliminated from vegas, the judges told him repeatedly how cute he was and that no one cared he was balding. Now, look at people like Maks, Heidi, Phillip, Gev, Ricky, Kupono, Mark, Ben, Jimmy, Jesus... not incredibly attractive people. I'd pick Ryan over all of them. Yet they made it on the show, potentially over more attractive people. Even last year, Gev made it into the top 20 over Brandon, and I mean come on. This show does not base everything off of attractiveness. Asuka made it in over the Gina or whatever, and the other girl was a beautiful blonde, vs. Asuka, a marginally attractive asian chick.

Throwing your own show under the bus is only cool if you're Lauren Conrad.
So thanks, Tyce. Thanks.

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